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Entertainment Law News: Rogers Communication v SOCAN – a Lesson in On-Demand Streaming Media

Spotify. Deezer. 8Tracks. Grooveshare. Last.FM. Pandora. Jamengo. Rdio. Songza. What do these websites have in common? Well, they all feature online music services that allow on-demand streaming (& some downloading) of files holding musical works. With the Supreme Court of Canada (‘SCC’) having recently held that a ‘download’ is merely a reproduction and cannot therefore +

Entertainment Law 101: The Anatomy of the Option/Purchase Agreement

By Josh Hemmings (our intern extraordinaire and Toronto entertainment lawyer in training!) So You’ve Written the Next BIG Screenplay/Teleplay/Novel – What To Expect in an Option/Purchase Agreement Before pre-production begins on any film or television project, the producer needs to acquire all the underlying intellectual property rights that the production will rely upon. Establishing a +

Trade-Mark Basics

WHAT IS A TRADE-MARK? A trade-mark is a legal and business tool that can take almost any form as long as it is unique. Very simply, any special elements that you are using to help promote and distinguish your business from other businesses can be trade-marks. For example, trade-marks might be: logos names (including band +

Film & TV Production Incentives in Ontario

The Ontario Media Development Corporation (‘OMDC’) is an essential branch of the Ontario Ministry of Culture & Tourism. The OMDC is mandated with assisting in the stimulation of jobs and investment in 6 cultural media industries (i.e. books, film, interactive digital media, magazines, music, and television) through the application of various funds, programs & events, organizational support, as +